Brief History

Mathira Technical & Vocational College is Government/Public Technical & Vocational Training  Institute (TVET), licensed by Technical Vocational Educational and Training Authority(TVETA) to offer Technical, ICT, Business and Entrepreneurial skills to Kenyans from all walks of life.


The college is located in Kaiyaba sub-location, Ngandu location, Mathira West Sub-County of Nyeri County. The Institute is about 600 metres from the Karatina – Nyeri road on the Ruthagati-Kabiru-ini road. We are on Google map as Mathira Technical College. We are about 400 metres from the offices of the Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) for Mathira West Sub-County. Our immediate neighbours are Kiriko Primary School and PCEA Kiriko church; GPS coordinates: 0.4736° S, 37.0895° E.

The land on which the institute is built belongs to the National Government and was acquired through efforts by the Mathira Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA).

Kenya’s Vision 2030

The objectives and mandate of the College is founded on Kenya’s Vision 2030; making Kenya Industrialized, and a Middle-income economy, providing high quality life for all its citizens, by the year 2030. [Kenya vision 2030 popular version page 1]

In order to achieve this, Kenya will be aiming to produce goods and services of industrial nature that can be sold beyond her borders to generate real income for the country.

A country is only able to realize such progress if its economy is innovative through technological innovation.

Any country that intends to make a breakthrough in industrialization and technological development must begin by ensuring that it has a critical mass of well qualified Technologists and Engineers to spur the development. This is achieved through training of Engineer, Technologist, Technician, Crafts-person and Artisan. The ideal staff ratio is 1: 3: 12: 60 and Mathira Technical College has taken her rightful position- To be the provider of choice for transfer, technical skills, workforce, and lifelong learning among those whom we serve and to be a source of skilled and competent human resource capable of transforming lives through strengthening competitive workforce in our nation for prosperity.

The National Government has equipped the College with the state of art equipment for Welding and Fabrication Technology and Information Communication Technology (ICT).


Strategic Objectives of the Institution

  • To produce highly talented, broadly trained and skilled persons through conducting high quality research for the labour market;
  • To provide a diverse community of learners with the technical and general education skills necessary for employment, personal growth and lifelong learning;
  • To form extensive partnerships leading to branding the college as a leader in training for the business and industry that will enhance the economic development and growth
  • To embrace modern information communication technology in training;
  • To ensure that we exceed customer expectations and that every person benefits from their contact with Mathira Technical College;
  • To exercise efficient and responsible stewardship of the College’s financial and physical resources.